July 16, 2017

Dr Whomsoever

                                                   Jodie Whittaker - new Dr Who.

Paedophilic broadcaster, BBC, has succumbed to its own political correctness and appointed a woman to play Dr Who. You see this rancid little company is so up its own violating little arse, that it actually believes its own publicity and thinks the world wants a female to play the male lead in its ailing little offering. But it's just not true.

As a former child fan and indeed a grown up fan up until about 2007, this tired little format has become nothing more than a showcase for the lefty liberal scum that masquerade in London, with its inane and endless political correctness and severe double standards. 

The world is not crying out for a female Dr Who just like the world is not crying out for a man to play the Queen.  The one and only reason why this has happened is because the BBC has been part of the spin every time a Dr bows out. 

Yes I fully get that the whole regeneration thing means that there is potential for the Dr to regenerate, but that is not the story, never has been and should not be. What next, a non gender specif humanoid who identifies as a twig? I mean we have ticked the black box, male assistant box but still retaining the female assistant in case someone who has a vagina gets upset, the mixed race box and more recently the mixed race lezza box. 

Of course if the Dr had always been female and we were getting a man to play the part, femascum would be whinging and whining, They would declare it to be misogyny and sexist. They would bleat on about wimmins roles and blah blah blah. Oh for fucks sake we would never hear the end of it.  Of course there is nothing we can do about it. It will be declared a success as the first episode will have a higher than usual viewing figures, as the curious tune in to see it. However, in view of the my intense hatred of the bbc, I was thinking if this was an ITV programme I may have a different opinion.  Namely, the character regenerates so why not. Then of course the programme is ailing badly and the bbc would rather bow out having ticked another of its oh so predictable and oh so transparent political correctness requirements. But then maybe, Yorkshire lass (hence the warming) may do a sterling job. Time will tell. 

But what I do say is this. Women can quit the self congratulatory rhetoric. There is no pride in stepping into a man's shoes and then declaring yourself as good if not better. This is a common trait of female chauvinism that is a veil for the lack of contribution, the lack of pioneering and the lack of invention in a world where men have pioneered everything they and indeed we all take for granted in life.

Thanks to Sweph for the story lead. 

July 09, 2017

Stonewall - Gay footballers

Its not that long ago that it was so politically correct to hate anyone who was male, gay, lezza, three legged, black, brown, creamy coloured, trans gendered etc etc. Today, only males can be hated veiled within the fragmenting transparent lies of so called feminists.

But today, its just gone too far. Stonewall, like any homosexual group or person, just will not settle until they have at least one massive out gay to swoon and adore and violate his privacy by having him pose naked in Gay Times, covering his genitals so they can all have a huge wank and feel content that they really like football like heterosexual men, and not just so they can ogle men whilst fulfilling some kind of fantasy. 

Stonewall are not shouting from the terraces of football grounds where predominantly lesbian women are "playing" football. Equally they are not shouting out when homosexual actors play heterosexuals on TV and in film. No, they save that little gem for when heterosexual actors are playing gays; then we have the endless whine of political correctness and notions of entitlement and victimhood.

Yes, gentleman and boys, I am back!!!

October 27, 2013

When your best mate.....

When your best mate photographs you with your genitals out... he probably wants to be more than your best mate.

When he posts it on the internet, he is a pervert! 

I'm not being Schitzo!!! Gay men are still brothers!

Just to clarify, I still wholeheartedly believe that gay men are still our brothers and should be treated as such. At any junction throughout time, their sexuality made no difference to the way they were treated, they were treated as men. A disposable entity throughout time. 

But I do feel it is annoying that a person can choose to sit in in one of two camps when it suits them, yet at the same time demand to be the same as you! 

Can't have it both way boys! 

You WILL Like me it WILL be the Law!!!!

You know I really don't want to live in a world where people are treated like the gays once were. But the endless promotions for homosexuality along with the "you have to like me it's the law" mentality really makes me sick.

Live and let live, but let some people live more than others. That seems to be the catchphrase for the gays. And don't get me going on the objectification as they are scores worse than their male counterparts. (Yes I said male we are taking males and gay males, huge difference) Indeed, the gays sit safely in the 'bout time too' camp (intended) and inded even their own kind with the way that they see men as nothing but mere objects for their own gratification. 

Once again, we see evidence of the double standard. Women are victims and objects, yet when men are victim and objects, they are of course NOT victims and objects. You see women and the gays, but women, tend to want to be the sole victims in society. If they have to share they won't get as much attention.  That would never do!

The Acceptable Face of Domestic Violence

One can't help but notice just how women are being portrayed on TV as men. Yes, as men, if you believe the hype that all men are the same that is! The very behaviour society with its huge double standards, suggests that women are incapable of being, is thrust down our throats in most popular media on a daily basis. Indeed, in this instance punched in the face. 

In Home and Away, the victim, above, admitted he had a one night stand on his buck (stag) weekend on the day of his wedding. His wife to be punched him to the floor which knocked him out.

In the next episode, the victim suggested he had it coming. There was, however, no note of remorse for her violence, no discussions around it will never happen again nor any feigned shock horror that she could do it. No, he had it coming! I'm guessing, just how a woman may ask for it? There are no exceptions for the acceptability of any kind of violence. 

Whilst in the life of this blog, I note a massive understanding and acceptance of female to male domestic violence has really overtaken previous thoughts within society on the matter. Indeed, most people I would imagine would now readily accept that not only female can be and are violent but that it is a common occurrence.  

I feel it is really important that females are not taught that being violent is the answer when male violence is always afforded the same notion.  Furthermore, females should not only be taught NOT to commit violence like boys are, but also, the possession of a vagina and female feelings never ever justifies something that certain owners of the vagina find so repugnant, profess to be incapable of and deny it ever happens!

Grow up Home and Away! 

September 13, 2013



The claim culture does not evade the police.