July 09, 2017

Stonewall - Gay footballers

Its not that long ago that it was so politically correct to hate anyone who was male, gay, lezza, three legged, black, brown, creamy coloured, trans gendered etc etc. Today, only males can be hated veiled within the fragmenting transparent lies of so called feminists.

But today, its just gone too far. Stonewall, like any homosexual group or person, just will not settle until they have at least one massive out gay to swoon and adore and violate his privacy by having him pose naked in Gay Times, covering his genitals so they can all have a huge wank and feel content that they really like football like heterosexual men, and not just so they can ogle men whilst fulfilling some kind of fantasy. 

Stonewall are not shouting from the terraces of football grounds where predominantly lesbian women are "playing" football. Equally they are not shouting out when homosexual actors play heterosexuals on TV and in film. No, they save that little gem for when heterosexual actors are playing gays; then we have the endless whine of political correctness and notions of entitlement and victimhood.

Yes, gentleman and boys, I am back!!!