October 27, 2013

The Acceptable Face of Domestic Violence

One can't help but notice just how women are being portrayed on TV as men. Yes, as men, if you believe the hype that all men are the same that is! The very behaviour society with its huge double standards, suggests that women are incapable of being, is thrust down our throats in most popular media on a daily basis. Indeed, in this instance punched in the face. 

In Home and Away, the victim, above, admitted he had a one night stand on his buck (stag) weekend on the day of his wedding. His wife to be punched him to the floor which knocked him out.

In the next episode, the victim suggested he had it coming. There was, however, no note of remorse for her violence, no discussions around it will never happen again nor any feigned shock horror that she could do it. No, he had it coming! I'm guessing, just how a woman may ask for it? There are no exceptions for the acceptability of any kind of violence. 

Whilst in the life of this blog, I note a massive understanding and acceptance of female to male domestic violence has really overtaken previous thoughts within society on the matter. Indeed, most people I would imagine would now readily accept that not only female can be and are violent but that it is a common occurrence.  

I feel it is really important that females are not taught that being violent is the answer when male violence is always afforded the same notion.  Furthermore, females should not only be taught NOT to commit violence like boys are, but also, the possession of a vagina and female feelings never ever justifies something that certain owners of the vagina find so repugnant, profess to be incapable of and deny it ever happens!

Grow up Home and Away!