October 27, 2013

You WILL Like me it WILL be the Law!!!!

You know I really don't want to live in a world where people are treated like the gays once were. But the endless promotions for homosexuality along with the "you have to like me it's the law" mentality really makes me sick.

Live and let live, but let some people live more than others. That seems to be the catchphrase for the gays. And don't get me going on the objectification as they are scores worse than their male counterparts. (Yes I said male we are taking males and gay males, huge difference) Indeed, the gays sit safely in the 'bout time too' camp (intended) and inded even their own kind with the way that they see men as nothing but mere objects for their own gratification. 

Once again, we see evidence of the double standard. Women are victims and objects, yet when men are victim and objects, they are of course NOT victims and objects. You see women and the gays, but women, tend to want to be the sole victims in society. If they have to share they won't get as much attention.  That would never do!